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Survey Says: Investors Are Still Bullish on Southeast Asian Fintech

Crypto investors may have had their legs kick out from under them, but fintech investors are as bullish as ever – especially on Southeast Asian fintech projects. Here’s Fintech News Singapore:

Nearly 75% of limited partners (LPs), or organizations and individuals investing into funds and non-direct investment entities such as family offices, high net worth individuals and corporate venture capital entities, are bullish on fintech in Southeast Asia with Indonesia perceived as the most attractive market, according to a new survey by tryb.

Indonesia was followed by Singapore and Vietnam as the region’s most attractive markets, while payments, lending, and enterprise technologies were voted as its most fetching sectors.

Investors aren’t the only ones bullish on the region’s fintech, fintech firms themselves were broadly positive on Southeast Asia’s future as a fintech hub:

According to the tryb survey, fintechs too are optimistic about Southeast Asia’s growth prospects and the fundraising environment. Most fintechs expect “moderate to rapid growth” in their markets, and are now focused on scaling and fundraising.

Roughly 75% of the fintech companies surveyed are reportedly raising capital, and over 85% of them have either met with or have pitched to a fintech-focused investor.

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