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Hong Kong’s Bit-Z Exchange Lists Ripple’s XRP

One of Hong Kong’s most popular crypto exchanges has something new for crypto investors, writes the Global Coin Report:

So, the announcement says that starting today, Bit-Z will be supporting Ripple’s XRP for trade and exchange. Not only that, it won’t be paired with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies only (which is the most common scenario, to the frustration of many) but also paired with a fiat currency, namely, the United States Dollar.

This can be a game changer, at least in the short term for Bit-Z because very few exchanges are offering the opportunity to buy XRP directly (instead of exchanging it for Bitcoin) and XRP is quickly becoming one of the world’s most important currencies.

As mentioned earlier, Bit-Z is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2016, and Tokeninsight considers it among the five most important digital asset exchanges in the world. Global Coin Report also points out that the exchange boasts offices in 10 countries and dabbles not only in crypto, but in social networking, e-commerce, and games as well.

As for Ripple XRP, it’s the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and among the very few that somewhat held its ground during the recent crypto bloodbath.

Photo: Marco Verch

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