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Nippon Wealth, Shinsei Bank Team up With Blockchain Startup ConsenSys

Nippon Wealth is looking to “bring innovation to the fintech space,” and apparently, it brought in some big guns to help it.

According to a press release, the Hong Kong-based wealth manager has made an alliance with Japanese finance giant Shinsei Bank, Singaporean private equity firm Tribay Capital, and Brooklyn-headquartered blockchain startup ConsenSys.

Through it, Nippon Wealth aims to “explore the application of ConsenSys DApps to develop new products and services.”

The company also plans to launch a “study in the area of blockchain applications,” adding that it hopes to roll out several new offerings following the review.

The alliance was made following a capital injection by Tribay Capital into Nippon Wealth. Shinsei Bank remains the company’s largest shareholder.

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