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Activist Investor Plans to Disrupt the Traditional VC Model, Blockchain Style

One of Asia’s pioneer activist investors is now looking to transform the venture capital space through a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, writes the Block Tribune:

The man who set up one of the first activism hedge funds in Hong Kong has launched SuperNode Community (SNC), a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that aims to democratize the traditional venture capital (VC) model for startups.

“Blockchain’s potential in the venture capital game has yet to be realized,” says Bing Lin, SNC’s Founder and CEO. “By streamlining the end-to-end seed incubation process, we envision that SNC will become the gateway to truly democratize access to opportunities in the venture capital space that have typically been out of reach for those who are not sophisticated institutional investors or high-net-worth individuals.”

The SuperNode ecosystem allows participants outside of the traditional networks to gain access to more startups, while the startups, according to Lin, “benefit from this model by gaining access to the right funding, strategic resources and expertise to launch their projects.”

Startups can receive funding from the SNC first by applying and then second by submitting to a basic qualification check. The project will then be voted on by the community, and if all goes well, it will then be vetted by a congress of 21 domain experts called “Supernodes” who make the final decision. The SuperNodes, Lin says, “is made up of community members with the highest stake of SNC tokens,” adding that SuperNodes that perform poorly “can be voted out in subsequent monthly rounds.”

“Ultimately what we at SNC look for in a good group of SuperNodes is an all-star team, excellent track record, relevant experience, strong ability to execute deals and contributes to value creation. The beauty of decentralization is that the community has a say in deciding who fits the bill.”

The SNC will primarily focus on blockchain projects, especially decentralized applications. Though based in Asia, the ecosystem “is open to promising blockchain companies from around the world.”

Photo: Jim Trodel

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