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Baidu Opens the Kimono on It’s ‘Xuperchain’ Blockchain Project

After unveiling their “Super Chain” blockchain protocol back in June, Chinese internet giant Baidu recently released plans for a “Xuperchain” blockchain network, reports Coindesk:

Chinese search giant Baidu has officially released a white paper through its new Blockchain Lab for its proposed XuperChain network.

The company claims XuperChain will support more than 10,000 transactions per second through inter-chain parallel technology and a stereoscopic network, according to the white paper. The nodes of XuperChain use multi-core parallel calculations, maximizing the work of processors, and employ sidechains to speed up the network.

While Baidu has more than 50 patents for XuperChain and maintains 100 percent ownership of the intellectual property, the white paper notes that the software itself will be open surce.

The Beijing-based firm also said that it has rolled out several applications based on its blockchain, including Baidu Totem, an image rights management system, Duyuzhou, a space game which literally means “The Universe,” and Baidu Baike, a Chinese-language online encyclopedia.

Citing local news outlet, Coindesk says that Tan Bai, Baidu’s chief architect and director of it’s Blockchain Lab, says that he hopes third parties will choose to build on the XuperChain network, adding that they “will further promote the open source and openness of the XuperChain in the future, and provide the XuperChain as an infrastructure to all developers … We look forward to working with the industry to build a trusted ecosystem of blockchains.”

Photo: Daniel Cukier

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