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NexChange’s Fintech O2O Gathers Fintech Leaders From Around the Globe

Leaders in blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, insurtech, regtech, payments, and investments will descend on Hong Kong this May for a multivariate event that will explore the confluence of different fintech sectors.

“Advances in blockchain and cybersecurity are going to need to implement AI solutions. Payment gateways will have to integrate with leading open banking solutions to deliver real utility to users. The silos are crumbling as the startups and traditional players are connecting to deliver the future promised to consumers.” – Juwan Lee, NexChange CEO

This event is the Fintech O2O Global Summit, the pinnacle of the Fintech O2O event series which have been held in Hong Kong, New York, London, Seoul, Toronto, Shenzhen and Moscow for the past three years. It is co-hosted by NexChange and Cyberport, and features speakers from a wide range of disruptors and incumbents, including Google and Bucket Technologies, Mindbridge Ai and Prudential, and Graphen.AI and Santander.

Accelerators such as 500 Startups, Israel’s The Floor, and the Blockchain Investment Consortium will also be in attendance, and so will a number of trade bodies including the U.S. Commercial Service within the U.S.A. Department of Commerce.

It won’t all be about talks though: investors and startups – from seed to mezz – can connect with each other in the “Marketplace: The Investors’ Stage” area, too. Basically, this is the event for those looking to bag the next big thing, or collaborate on market-beating fintech solutions.

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