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Fintech Startup YBEX Plants a Flag in Korea

After making serious inroads in its native Hong Kong, fintech startup YBEX has finally launched overseas.

According to a press release, the foreign exchange platform operator has recently opened currency exchange services in Seoul, South Korea. This is the startup’s first overseas expansion, and it hopes the move will both broaden its user base and bring more convenience to Hong Kongers visiting South Korea.

Here’s what YBEX CEO Andrew Lee had to say about the move:

“YBEX wants to give our users the best money exchange experience, anywhere in the world. Access to cash abroad should be as easy as back at home. South Korea is just the first country on our list of markets identified for international expansion in 2018. We will continue to expand our network and services in South Korea to make it a great experience for our users. At the same time we’re working hard to launch YBEX in Japan and Vietnam in the very near future.”

YBEX builds platforms for travel and currency exchange services. It’s flagship product aims to help travelers – even businesses – compare and lock-in the best rates with convenient foreign exchange providers.

Photo: Joop

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