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Former Manulife Exec Named CEO of HK-Based Insurtech Firm

Insurtech continues to attract people from the mainstream.

According to AsiaOne, Manulife Asia’s former CIO and COO John Brisco has joined Coherent Capital Advisors as it’s Chief Executive. He also joins Coherent co-founders Michael Chan and Fred Ngan as part of the Coherent Group management team.

Prior to joining Manulife, Brisco was Chief Information Officer of Emerging Markets at QBE Insurance, and also served as its Chief Operating Officer of Latin America. Before that, he was an Executive Director at Ernst & Young in Melbourne.

As for the Coherent Group:

Coherent Group is a collection of insurtech start-ups including Coherent Capital Advisors and Seasonalife. The group’s mission is to help the industry “Believe in a New Tomorrow”, and its goal is to make insurance simpler for customers, intermediaries and insurers.

Coherent Capital Advisors meanwhile is a technology, data and advisory firm comprised of a growing team of insurance and technology experts. It reportedly provides a wide range of services aimed at improving the business of leading insurers across Asia.

Brisco reportedly joined the start-up group because he was impressed with the talent involved:

“CCA’s true passion is to help the industry and lead insurers through roadblocks,” said Mr. Brisco. “I met many different teams in my prior roles. None had the unique mission or the insurtech prowess that the CCA team has created. This is why I decided to team up with Fred and Michael. Together, we can help make the insurance industry simpler and in turn make a great leap for customers.”

Photo: Nguyen Hung Vu

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