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  • Paul Menchaca

Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather is Now Involved in Two ICOs

Floyd Mayweather, who is now 50-0 as a professional boxer after defeating Conor McGregor by technical knockout in the 10th round of their massively hyped Saturday night fight in Las Vegas, now perhaps has his sights set on a post-boxing career: cryptocurrency dealmaking.

Dubbing himself Floyd "Crypto" Mayweather, the boxing champ promoted an initial coin offering for the Hubii Network on Twitter and Instagram just days before his fight with McGregor, as CoinDesk reports. The Hubii Network is a blockchain-based decentralized content marketplace.

Interestingly enough, Mayweather also included the hashtag #CryptoMediaGroup, which could hint at further ICO promotional efforts, but reps for the boxer did not respond to a request for comment from CoinDesk.

Mayweather appears poised to make further inroads in the cryptocurrency and ICO space: CoinDesk notes that this is the second ICO that he has promoted. He also promoted a coin offering by Stox, "a blockchain-based prediction market," earlier this month.

Stox raised $30 million quickly after Mayweather promoted the ICO on Instagram, as CoinDesk notes.

Photo: Twitter

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