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Fugle: The Digital Brokerage That Takes a Lot of the Pain out of Investing

NexChange’s Andrew Work talks to Li Weh Yeh & Yi Yun Chiu, the founders of Fugle, at Startupbootcamp 2017 in Hong Kong.

Fugle is a digital brokerage firm which aims to help investors to get accurate financial information in the shortest amount of time.

Fugle is a fast and clarity investment research tools. Comparing to traditional financial data software or websites, Fugle saves more than 30% of time on doing security analysis.


NEXCHANGE: I’m here today with the gentlemen from Fugle and I have here Chiu and Li Weh. They’re from Taiwan and they’re part of the Startupbootcamp experience at Singapore.

Guys, I want to know what the company is doing and I want to know who your customers are, but first I gotta ask, what’s Fugle? What’s the name? Where’s that from?

LI WEH YEH: Actually Fugle is a Denmark word. It means birds. So we want to help our customers to look high and look far.

NEXCHANGE: So what does the company do and what are you helping those customers? What are you doing to help them fly like birds?

LI WEH YEH: We provide a tailor-made intelligent brokerage services. We help banks and brokerage firms to serve and engage with young self-directed investors just like myself. We are willing and able to make investment decisions through our own research.

We don’t really trust banks advisory. It’s really time consuming to do a detailed security analysis. So we believe we can make it better. That’s Fugle. We learn user’s behaviour and provide tailor-made experience with relevant information. It’s just like a personal assistant and providing with analysis that are curated only for you.

NEXCHANGE: So take a lot of the pain out of investing. You guys are here because you want to grow the company. You’re looking for investor money. How much are you trying to raise and once you have the money, how do you want to use it to grow the company?

YI YUN CHIU: We are going to raise 1 to 1.2 million dollars and with their money, we want to hire more talent to accelerate our company and colloaborate with the local brokerages and banks to make the real happen with Fugle.

NEXCHANGE: Well, we’re going to look forward to Fugle flying high! I’m Andrew Work for NexChange. I’m here with Chiu and Li Weh, the founders of Fugle. Gentlemen, good luck today with the Hong Kong investors.

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