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Tixguru: The AI-Based Startup That Makes Brokers Look Good

Andrew Work of NexChange talks to Chris Liu & James Ong, founders of Tixguru, at Startupbootcamp 2017 in Hong Kong.

Tixguru is committed to revolutionizing the financial industry with cutting-edge AI technologies.

Their team consists of software engineers from world’s top companies, machine learning experts and private capital fund managers with 20+ years of trading experience. This unique mixing of talents allows the company to transform difficult trading decisions into objectives that machine can comprehend and prosper, providing a new beginning for the ancient business.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. We are at the Startupbootcamp demo day. This is Hong Kong! It’s one of four cities they are hitting on this tour where they have got their featured companies that they are bringing to investors around the region.

I’m here with two of the founders of Tixguru. This is James and Chris and gentlemen, you guys out there today. You’re making your pitch to investors. Tell us what the company is all about and who your typical customers are?

JAMES ONG: Basically, we provide quant rate and AI recommendation and what we want to do is to provide these services to brokers, bank and insurance company for the retail investor.

NEXCHANGE: So in other words the brokers get to make a recommendation to the customer. They seem like they’re genius but really they’re looking at your product, is that right?

JAMES ONG: Precisely.

NEXCHANGE: Now when you guys are out there today, you’re pitching for money in front of a big gang of investors out here in Hong Kong, how much are you trying to raise and what do you want to do with the money once you’ve got it?

CHRIS LIU: Right now we’re trying to raise our first funding fund about 1 million USD. We will use this to expand our service to Southeast Asia and also China.

NEXCHANGE: So big investment plans to grow the company. You’ve already got customers right now in the market?

JAMES ONG: Currently we working with Taiwan brokers. So we have two brokers actively and we are closing the due by this quarter.

NEXCHANGE: So this is a company on the move. They’re part of the Startup bootcamp. Today they are pitching Hong Kong investors as part of Startupbootcamp, four city tour. I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. I have here the partners that are heading up Tixguru. Thank you very much to Chris and James. Thanks guys.

JAMES ONG: Thank you.

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