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AIM: The Institutional-Level Hedge Fund Mobile App That VCs Are Checking Out

Andrew Work from NexChange talks to Jenna Lee & Sean Ham, founders of AIM, at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong 2017.

AIM allows users in Korea to make trades and investments via their smartphone.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work with NexChange and we are at the Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong. This is part of their four city demo day tour where they are showing off the companies in their portfolios to investors who are making the call on whether or not they want to put money to these companies.

Here I have Jenna, the CEO and Sean and they are here to talk about their company. First of all, we want to find out the name of the company, what you are doing and who your customers are?

JENNA LEE: AIM stands for what we do as a business, Automated Investment Management. It also stands for something that we strive to do, strive our clients to do, aiming high. So we’re trying to serve people with aspirations for tomorrow, hard-working. You might say they’re ordinary but they’re everyday heroes and that’s who we must serve and our background is hedge funds in New York, in Hong Kong, in Europe.

We’re trying to combine all of our experiences, combine fifty years of experiences into serving this segment in a very affordable way. I want them to get there, get to their financial roles faster and we’re the professional help for that.

NEXCHANGE: So it’s a B2C play and you are helping people achieve their financial goals through your AIM service.

JENNA LEE: Yeah, it’s a mobile app. Think of it as an institutional-level hedge fund mobile, mobile app. It’s easy to use, beautiful views and engages you.

NEXCHANGE: Fantastic. So a lot of excitement down here today because people are pitching for real money, real investment. How much are you pitching for and what do you want to do with the investment to grow the company and bring a return to your investors? Sean, do you want to tackle that one or Jenna.

JENNA LEE: So we want five million dollars USD to tackle I think the heaviest problem that so-called Robo advisors are facing which is how do you convert the interested leads to actual clients. We actually have 5000 user base who want to use the service, pledging two hundred million dollars right now and we’re pre-launch. Converting that dollars — that’s a pent-up demand into real dollars well I think all for a very fundamentally different approach. That’s where Robo advisors struggling in. We have a great idea that we want to act on.

NEXCHANGE: So five million US dollars. You’re going to be using that to crack the market. I’m assuming you’re going to spend some of that on technology, some of that on marketing.

JENNA LEE: Yes, a technology team as well as marketing and content.

NEXCHANGE: Sounds good. I’m here with the people from A I M. That’s AIM and they are aiming high at the Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong. I’m Andrew Work for NexChange with Jenna and Sean from AIM. All right, good luck you guys.

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