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Smallticket: The Korean Insurtech Startup Investors Are Taking a Look At

NexChange’s Andrew Work talks to Julie Kim, the CEO of Smallticket, at Startupbootcamp 2017 in Hong Kong.

Smallticket is a community-based insurance marketing platform which allows users to buy a suitable insurance plan, receive rewards, and enjoy the customized affiliate services.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange and we are at the Startupbootcamp which is the Hong Kong part of their four city tour across Asia where they’re showing off their portfolio companies. I am speaking right now to Julie Kim from Smallticket. She is here from Korea and part of the Startupbootcamp for city road trip.

Really excited to have you here. First of all, can you tell us what the company is all about and who your typical customers are?

JULIE KIM: Smallticket is a community-based insurance marketing platform, and our customers are just really the public which means that we are doing the B2C business and we are adding the B2B2C business right now.

NEXCHANGE: So you’ve got traction, you’re in the market. Today you’re pitching investors, right? How much do you want and what are you offering them in terms of what you’re going to do with the money to grow the company?

JULIE KIM: So since we opened our open beta services last month we have 390 customers on our platform, and for the investment we target USD 1 to 2 million, which will be used to sales in the product development and the hiring external talents.

NEXCHANGE: Okay, sounds good. Well you know talent, a lot of investors say they want to invest in the talent and so Julie Kim, good luck. You’re the CEO and founder of Smallticket. Good luck with the investors. I’m Andrew Work from NexChange at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong. Thank you.

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