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Video: NexChange Talks Big Data and Secret Soups with Scalend Technologies

NexChange’s Andrew Work talks to the founders of Scalend, Ravi Madhira and Srikanth Parthasarathy, at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong 2017.

Scalend enables businesses to find the known-knowns and the unknown-unknowns from the maze of data that they deal with through analytical platforms that have generated — or saved — millions of dollars.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. We are down at the Startupbootcamp which is in Hong Kong. This is one of the four stops on their investment tour with their companies. I’m talking to one of those companies right now, in particular, there are two founders. The company is Scalend and I’m talking to Ravi and Srikanth.

Gentlemen, we want to hear about Scalend. You’re here to raise some money today but you’ve got to tell us what are you doing with the company and why is it so exciting for finance companies who might be looking at you?

RAVI MADHIRA: Sure Andrew. Vital AI enabled data insights and data discovery platform for financial services companies, beat banks, insurance companies, P2P lenders or other financial services companies, where today they struggle in getting insights in a timely manner. They spend months and years getting insights.

What we have is a secret soup using which they can essentially bring data in a very short time. Essentially we promise a four to eight week implementation wherein they can get us in, get insights and move on with their insights journey and essentially solve their problems instead of struggling with the data.

NEXCHANGE: So you’re going to help them sort out the data to solve problems right. So you’re out here raising money today because that’s what today is all about. What are you going to do with that money once you have it?

SRIKANTH PARTHASARATHY: So we’re looking to raise a million dollars and what we want to do is the product is built out, you want to focus and spend that money on sales and marketing expansion in the APAC region. Eventually we want to get to North America and the European regions.

NEXCHANGE: Sounds good. So a million dollars, what currency?


NEXCHANGE: US dollars. All right, it’s all US dollars because these guys are taking out a global market. Thank you very much to the two founders of Scalend. Ravi, thank you very much. Srikanth, thank you very much. All right, good luck today gentlemen.

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