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Morakot Technology: The Cambodian Startup Behind Microfinance Software

Andrew Work of NexChange talks to Sophorth Khuon, the CEO of Morakot Technology at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong 2017.

Morakot specialises in building core-banking systems for microfinance institutions and banks. It’s Morakot VB software supports full accounting, multi-branch and multi-currency systems.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. We’re at the Startupbootcamp demo day in Hong Kong, one of the four stops on their Asian tour where they are showcasing the portfolio forms to investors. I’ve got one of the portfolio firms, the CEO and co-founder. He’s Sophorth. The company is out of Cambodia and registered in Singapore and Sophorth, I want to know what is your company doing and who are your typical customers?

SOPHORTH KHUON: We providing a call packing software for micro-finance and banks.

NEXCHANGE: Sounds good. What do your typical customers look like?

SOPHORTH KHUON: Our customer is all of those microfinance institutions of the smaller lending company that provides smaller loans to farmers, to unbanked people.

NEXCHANGE: What do you do exactly for those companies?

SOPHORTH KHUON: We actually provide system software, a platform for them to track their customer, tracking loans, tracking their payments, all of that stuff.

NEXCHANGE: Sounds good, taking care of business. Now most of the companies that are here today are pitching for investment. They’re hanging out a dollar sign and saying we’re going to use the money to go. You guys don’t need investment at this stage. Why are you here? What are you looking for?

SOPHORTH KHUON: Yeah, they do. At the moment, most of them are raising money but we are not at that stage yet. Actually, we are profitable. Here, we are seeking for a partner or reseller that could help us bring this software to those emerging market like Myanmar, like Philippines, or Indonesia, or something like that.

NEXCHANGE: So he’s looking for partners. If you’re one of the investors watching this, which I know a lot of people are, you’re going to have to work to get and bust in on this investment because they’re already profitable. One more question: what is Morakot? What does that mean?

SOPHORTH KHUON: Morakot, that means emerald in English. That’s a green gem.

NEXCHANGE: The green gem, the emerald. Okay Sophorth, good luck with the company, good luck with finding those network partners you’re looking for. This is Sophorth from Morakot. I’m Andrew Work for NexChange at Startupbootcamp.

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