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  • Andrew Work The Newest Way to Shop Through Social Media

NexChange’s Andrew Work talks to Yash Kotak, the CEO & Founder of at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong 2017. is a new-age commerce enabler making it easy, fast and fun to buy, sell, collect payments, manage inventory and more on social media and beyond with #hashtags and super-powered links.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange and we are at Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong. They’re on a four city tour of Asia, presenting the finest companies in their portfolio. Right now, I’m talking to Yash, he’s the CEO and founder of He presented today. He’s looking for funding, presented to the Hong Kong investors. Yash, really glad you could come to Hong Kong today. Could you tell us what your company is doing and who are your typical customers?

YASH KOTAK: So enables sales on and within social media. So imagine you spot a laptop bag. Usually, you click on that post and you go to a website. But here, you can buy it then and there, without leaving your favorite social media platform. So it engages and transacts on the merchants’ behalf.

NEXCHANGE: That sounds really useful. I’d be up for that as a consumer. But for an investor, what’s in it for them? How much money are you trying to raise and what’s the pitch? And what are you gonna do with the money once you’ve got it?

YASH KOTAK: So we’re trying to raise a million USD. We’ve got a commitment of $500,000, which we plan to use for talent acquisition about 40%. [Another] 25% for early marketing because we’ve not done any marketing and [we’ve on boarded] about thirty global brands. About 10% for office and administration with legal, and 5% contingency.

NEXCHANGE: That’s a pretty detailed plan. You guys know where you’re going. They always say with entrepreneurial ventures the investors always want to invest in the people so it’s good that you’re going to spend your investment on the right people. Yash, good luck with that.This is Yash, CEO, and founder of I’m Andrew Work for NexChange and we are at the Startupbootcamp event in Hong Kong.

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