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Video: NexChange Talks Trading Platforms With Smart Trade

Andrew Work talks to Nianhui Song, the CEO of Smart Trade, and Guangzhen Li, the CMO based out of Tokyo, at Startupbootcamp 2017 in Hong Kong.

SmartTrade provides the world’s most advanced DIY asset management platform for you.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. I’m down at the Startupbootcamp demo day in Hong Kong part of their four city tour where they are taking their companies and showing them off to investors around the region. I am here talking to the people behind Smart Trade. I have Nianhui, who is the CEO for China. Say hello.

NIANHUI SONG: Hi everyone.

NEXCHANGE: And I’ve also got Li the CMO based out of Tokyo. Li, thank you very much for joining us today. With your company what are you doing and who are your typical customers?

NIANHUI SONG: So basically we’re a trading platform. We’re trying to connect the people who are able to create trading strategies. I know the people who are interested in investing in these strategies our targeting clients, our retail investors in Japan and China.

NEXCHANGE: Japan and China, that’s quite interesting. You’re here today to raise money. What are you raising money for? Once you have the investment, what do you plan to do with that to grow the business and get your investors a return.

GUANGZHEN LI: We’d like to ask for money to speed up our development and also promote globally.

NEXCHANGE: So you’re in China and Japan now but you are looking to go global. Oh yeah. All right, that’s really exciting. People, check out Smart Trade. We are checking them out today at the Startupbootcamp in Hong Kong. I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. Thank you very much to Nianhui and Li from Smart Trade. Thank you.

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