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Video: NexChange Talks Instant Booking With FunNow’s TK Chen and Pei Yi

Andrew Work speaks to TK Chen and Pei Yi, founders of FunNow, at the MEMSi Showcase 2017. FunNow is a reservation App for any entertainment activities with a unique selling point of instant booking and zero waiting time, designed in Taipei but has further its reach to other countries in Asia.


NEXCHANGE: Hi I’m Andrew Work from NexChange and we are outside the node, the new home of MIT and Hong Kong, where this week and for next week, they are running the MEMSI program. Where they’ve got 12 students from MIT who have flown in to work with 12 students from Hong Kong universities carefully selected to work on building new products and a new business plan in a high-pressure environment for 2 weeks. The MEMSI program also brings innovative entrepreneurs to come and speak to these students at different points.

And I’ve got two of those innovative entrepreneurs with me right now. They’ve flown in from Taipei. They are the co-founders of FunNow, which is a lifestyle reservations service started in Taipei but they might have a little bit of news for us today. I’d like to say hello to TK Chen and Pei Yi ,the founders. Hi, how are you doing? Welcome to NexChange, can you tell us a little bit about your app and your service because a lot of people are in the reservation space but what you do is a little bit different? Can you maybe tell me how?

TK CHEN, PEI YI: Yeah we focus on instant booking, so you are not planning anything. You don’t need to plan anything, when you want it just open app and you can book it immediately for the next 15 minutes within 2 days. Everything is possible.

NEXCHANGE: Okay, so I don’t have to wait. How did you come up with the idea? And where did this all get started?

TK CHEN, PEI YI: Actually before we design FunNow, we lived in Holland for seven years. As people knows the European people always enjoy their life very easily so we want to create this app to let many people to have fun and no hustling to do the research. And to make a phone call or discover a new thing. When you’ve got a place, just open the app and you can put anything, any fun activities nearby anytime anywhere.

NEXCHANGE: Okay and again you’re covering the whole gamut of activities right not just restaurants. You’re doing the whole thing. You launched in Taipei, expand 18 months ago, expanded out into Tai Chung, another major city in Taiwan. And now you’re going to a new city is that right?

TK CHEN, PEI YI: Indeed we are quite happy to say that we launched in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago so try to download it, experience it and you will feel fun everyday.

NEXCHANGE: Alright you look like you’re having fun. Welcome to Hong Kong Pei Yi, TK Chen, these are the cofounders of FunNow. Google them download the app if you’re in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

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