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Video: Lattice Limited and the World’s First ‘View-Driven’ Roboadvisor

Andrew Work speaks to Dr Wing Cheung, founder of Lattice Limited, at the Fintech stage of the Jumpstarter Competition by Alibaba Enterprise Ventures, Cyberport and HKSTP. Lattice Limited is creating the world’s first ever view-driven roboadvisor targeted at sophisticated high net worth individuals to better optimize their portfolios.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work for NexChange. We’re down here at the Jumpstarter. Today we are having the Fintech companies pitching as part of the bigger Jumpstarter competition where companies are going to win up to a million US dollars.

And I’m speaking right now to Dr. Wing Cheung who is the CEO of lattice limited and they’ve got a very interesting solution. Dr. Wing Cheung, tell us what are you guys offering and why is it so special?

DR. WING CHEUNG: We are creating the world’s first ever view-driven roboadvisor for sophisticated high net-worth individuals.

NEXCHANGE: Now most people are offering things for the general public, the general retail level, especially when it comes to roboadvisors things like that, but you’re targeting a high net worth individuals. You say it’s view-driven, can you tell me what that means?

DR WING CHEUNG: View-driven, all investment decisions are view-driven. it’s about your trading ideas, your opinion of the market, so currently there doesn’t exists a technology that helps people to translate their views. For example, ‘I’m bullish on oil price’, ‘I’m bearish on interest rate’, into a tradable portfolio which is investment decision making. So we have invented the world’s first ever view-driven fully optimizer and our our tools have been used by high-end professional fund managers. Now we’re applying our technology to the high net worth individuals world.

NEXCHANGE: That’s a very different angle than traditional roboadvisors.

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