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Video: Hong Kong’s Top Social Trading Platform, and Some of the Numbers Behind It

Andrew Work speaks to Samuel Wan, chairman and founder of StockFlash, at the Fintech stage of the Jumpstarter Competition by Alibaba Enterprise Ventures, Cyberport and HKSTP. StockFlash is the leading social trading platform in the Hong Kong stock market that helps users follow successful trade patterns without consuming time for research.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work for NexChange and we are here today at the Jumpstarter competition where a million US dollars will eventually be won by companies pitching their technology and business solutions that are in the market. I’m here with one of those companies that was pitching today.

This is Samuel Wan and he is the chairman and founder of StockFlash. Sammy you gave it all you got in there, you gave a really great presentation. Congratulations and tell us what it is Stockflash is up to and what makes it unique?

SAMUEL LUN: We are the leading social training platform in the Hong Kong stock market. We have a lot of top traders if you just download our app, follow their trades and I’m sure you’ll earn some pretty good money in a short period of time.

NEXCHANGE: Some people might not know what social trading is, can you give us a really quick summary of what social trading is?

SAMUEL LUN: Yes, I think because for those people who invest in stock market, they don’t have time to monitor the stock market because we are very busy. So why don’t they just find someone with good investment record to manage their portfolio. That’s the idea of social trading, so you open our app and you’ll find those users performing very well. So you receive the trading ideas and you just copy the trade which saves your time. You don’t have to do any more research, they got excellent investment track record so just follow. That’s the idea of social trading.

NEXCHANGE: Okay got it and you’ve been very successful in getting people to sign up on the platform in a very short period of time. Can you tell us what your numbers are and maybe a little bit about why you’ve been so successful?

SAMUEL LUN: We’ve been running about 8 months and so far we got over 50,000 users in both Hong Kong and China. And I think the reason why we are so successful is because we actually got our own TV channel and it’s being broadcast in a lot of restaurants in Hong Kong. And we also do some social marketing not just in Hong Kong but in China because China is a market which has a large number of users, and I think these two are the major reasons why we are able to get so many users in 8 months of time.

NEXCHANGE: Okay well fantastic that’s great news, congratulations and we’ll look forward to hearing more great things from StockFlash.

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