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Video: Koios Fintech Founder Cynthia Zhu on Koios and What Makes It Special

NexChange’s Andrew Work chats with Cynthia Zhu, founder and CEO of Koios Fintech, to find out what makes the company unique among its peers. Check it out.


NEXCHANGE: Hi, I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. We’re down at the Jumpstarter competition sponsored by Alibaba, Cyberport and Science and Tech Park in Hong Kong. There’s a million US dollars on offer for the company that wins their pitch competition. Today they’re doing the Fintech companies and I have here Cynthia Zhu who is the CEO with one of those Fintech companies Koios Fintech.

Cynthia, tell me what you guys are up to and tell me what makes the company so unique?

CYNTHIA ZHU: Thanks, we are actually a Fintech company that employs multiple and different sets of our technologies to provide asset management services to both institutions and individual investors.

NEXCHANGE: Okay so you’re hitting both people on both those levels. People are in that space what is it makes your company unique or special?

CYNTHIA ZHU: That’s a very good question, they’re actually two aspects. First one is what we called a financial ecology, where we combine both investment expertise and technologies, Fintech, but the difference is that we actually attract and develop the technology and algorithms ourselves and to try out to see which one works for the clients best. So that’s the first aspect that you know, it’s a kind of system that both the investment and technology talk to each other and try to make it work. The second aspect is that of our business model so we not only covered B-C or B-B, we actually cover both worlds so we’re able to draw the best of two worlds and provide services to our clients.

NEXCHANGE: Very good bringing together the best of all worlds.

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