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Video: The Most Exciting Sectors of Korean Fintech

Min Kim, chief strategy officer for the DAYLI Financial Group, talks to NexChange’s Andrew Work about what he feels are the most exciting – and exportable – parts of Korean fintech. Check it out.


NEXCHANGE: I’m Andrew Work from NexChange and we’re here at the FinTech O2OKorea Pitch and Panel night where we’ve got a bunch of really great Korean companies that have come down – and investors at looking at connecting the Korea and Hong Kong markets.

I have with me Min Kim. Min is the Chief Strategy Officer for DAYLI Financial Group one of the biggest fintech companies in Korea. Not only are they delivering fintech but they’re also making investment in other companies and bringing them into their portfolio. Min, you’re in charge of strategy for the group.

What parts of FinTech are you most excited about in Korea, and then that Korea can export to the rest of the world?

Min Kim, DAYLI Financial (MK): So right now, in Korea, one of the most exciting things is the cryptocurrency market in the blockchain technology that’s coming out.

For one, cryptocurrencies – when you look at the world – South Korea cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the highest traded. Our exchange, CoinOne, is the number one in Korea and number three, if you compare [it to] the rest of the world. Globally it is the number three forex exchange and that has been a recent phenomenon.

Number two is the blockchain technology.

One of the greatest thing about Korea is how quickly these financial institutions are starting to accept blockchain and try to explore with FinTech companies like us and see what are some potential opportunities out there. With this we want to see what we can do outside of Korea. We want to be able to you know use it as an example and show the rest of the world what we’ve done in Korea.

NEXCHANGE: Lots of exciting stuff coming out of Korea!. Look for them as leaders in cryptocurrency and adopting blockchain technology. This is Min Kim from DAYLI Financial.

I’m Andrew Work from NexChange. Thanks a lot!

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