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KPMG Acquires Fintech Matchmaking Platform Matchi

Big Four auditor KPMG announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Matchi, a business matchmaking platform which has purportedly connected over 100 banks and insurance companies with “fintech innovations, including solutions in next generation payments, regtech, blockchain and P2P insurance.” The financial details of the deal however, were not disclosed.

At any rate, Matchi – which was founded back in 2013 – boasts over 700 vetted fintech solutions along with a database of over 2,500 fintech companies. Financial institutions – from insurance companies to investment banks – can be matched with these companies to hammer out a range of issues, from working out simple business problems to pursuing new opportunities.

Here’s what Ian Pollari, KPMG International’s Global Co-leader of Fintech, had to say:

“The acquisition of Matchi adds to the capabilities of KPMG firms to bring market-validated ideas to financial services clients’ toughest challenges…The Matchi platform offers a curated approach that is much more rigorous than fintech databases that merely provide lists. It is designed to identify, match and enable collaboration with the most innovative fintechs and solutions to address specific issues being faced by financial institutions.”

David Milligan, Matchi’s CEO, had this to add:

“Combining the Matchi platform with the exceptional knowledge and skills of KPMG professionals creates a powerful fintech resource…Together, we are positioned to help clients find and deploy the fintech solutions that are most relevant to their business needs. We are fulfilling the promise of collaboration between financial institutions and fintech firms, which can ultimately benefit all consumers and businesses.”

Photo: Håkan Dahlström

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