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Report: Over 80% of Hong Kong Financial Institutions to Partner With Fintech Companies

With only 51% of its institutions adopting a “disruptive” technology, Hong Kong’s financial sector may be a little behind the curve when it comes to fintech. However, it plans to make up for it – in a big way.

Citing PwC’s 2nd Global FinTech Survey, CFO Innovation says that a vast majority – 82%, to be specific – of Hong Kong’s financial institutions plan to partner up with fintech companies within the next 3 to 5 years.

“The survey respondents in Hong Kong are showing a very pragmatic response to the challenge thrown down by FinTech start-ups,” says Matthew Phillips, Financial Services leader for PwC China and Hong Kong.

“The incumbents are looking for a win-win. They can import culture change through partnership, and the start-ups can more easily gain penetration. We are excited about the momentum that is building in the Fintech space and see significant potential for Hong Kong to play a regional role.”

Interestingly enough, Robotic Process Automation and RegTech were among the most popular fintech subsets with Hong Kong-based respondents. This, according to PWC China and Hong Kong’s FinTech & RegTech lead Henri Arslanian, presents “a unique opportunity for Hong Kong to position itself as a relevant hub for such services that can then be successfully exported regionally, or even globally.”

That said, things aren’t all blue skies and chirping birds for Hong Kong fintech; the survey also found that 60% of respondents were concerned by the potential regulatory uncertainties these partnerships could bring, that and the fact that nearly three-quarters of them believe that fintech companies could rev up the threat to information security and privacy.

Still though, PWC remains optimistic about fintech’s future in Hong Kong:

“While there are challenges, the survey highlights a number of exciting opportunities in the FinTech sector in Hong Kong.”

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Photo: Romain Pontida

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