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Jim Rogers Backs Chinese Fintech Firm Tiger Brokers

Here’s something interesting. Jim Rogers, the irascible 74-year-old investment legend, is apparently bullish on fintech, so much so that he invested in a Chinese fintech firm.

Deal Street Asia:

Leading investment guru Jim Rogers will make an investment in Chinese online brokerage firm Tiger Brokers, the first such by the Wall Street billionaire in a Chinese financial technology (fintech) startup.

Beijing-based Tiger Brokers, an online brokerage that allows Chinese investors to buy stocks from US and Hong Kong, recently disclosed its funding round worth $14.5 million (100 million yuan), the third funding round for the company since it was founded three years ago.

It isn’t clear how much Soros’ former right hand invested in the firm, but we do know that he invested with pretty good company: Tiger’s investors include heavyweights such as Xiaomi Technology, China Growth Capital, and Citic Securities.

Tiger, which boasts roughly $2.2 billion in monthly transactions, says that Rogers is immensely bullish on Chinese fintech, adding that he feels that “the internet-driven transformation across the financial sector” will bring nothing but benefits to China’s ever-growing number of investors.

As for Tiger, here’s what Rogers had to say about it:

“What Tiger has been doing, which is use technology to trade around the world, reserve a bright future…Everybody will be able to trade in everywhere and Tiger appears in the right place, at the right time.”

Wonder if George will follow suit…

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Photo: Gage Skidmore

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