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Actress Kristen Stewart Co-Authored a Paper on Artificial Intelligence

That sounds like a proper mouthful for a scientific paper. Here’s a bit of background per The Verge:

The Twilight actress recently made her directorial debut with the short film Come Swim, and in it used a machine learning technique known as “style transfer” (where the aesthetics of one image or video is applied to another) to create an impressionistic visual style. Along with special effects engineer Bhautik J Joshi and producer David Shapiro, Stewart has co-authored a paper on this work in the film, publishing it in the popular online repository for non-peer reviewed work, arXiv.

You can read Stewart’s paper here.

If you or your children were huge fans of the Twilight Saga movies then you are probably most familiar with Kristen Stewart as (*checks IMDB*) Bella Swan, who is a princess or a vampire or something. (Sorry, we didn’t watch the movies).

Anyway, it turns out Stewart is now also a published science writer who has co-authored a paper on artificial intelligence, as the The Verge reports. The paper, which is about machine learning, is called Bringing Impression to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim.

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